Looking for a Ice Cream Van for your next event?

Whatever your up and coming event we have got the right ice-cream van for you. With our 8 years experience we have catered for both small and very large events including hundreds of weddings, fetes, BBQs, childrens' parties, school events, or advertising and film work.

Just recently we have worked with Giff-Gaff, Virgin Media, Carling, Holiday Inn, Pepsico, Corus Hotels and many more.

Why not wrap one of our ice cream vans with your company logo for on-the-road advertising and promotion, a great way to get your clients involved and aware of your company and with our huge range of products available everyone will be happy.

Contact us or call us now on 44 (0) 7739 401739

Why you need Mr Whippy?

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What our customers say?

... came to our house for a housewarming amd we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience! It was fun, tasty, a friendly service, the van was incredibly clean, very professional ... guests were so delighted. Thanks


About Mr Whippy

Ice Cream Van Hire Kent, London and South East providing original and unique ice cream vans for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, fetes, carnivals, boot faires, fundraising, carnivals providing you with fully qualified staff and a high quality Mr Whippy catering van.