TV & Film

Ice Cream Van Hire For TV Work

Mr Whippy ice cream vans are proud to have worked on set with many TV and Films including Celebrity Juc, Carling, Inside Men and more.

We understand each TV or Filming production requires individual requirements; therefor we will design a package that suits and fits in with your needs and requirements.

One of our latest vans runs totally on electric which is much quieter whilst filming therefore also suitable for inside use.

With modern, high quality and Council approved cleanliness vans, we are the ideal choice for your TV/film production.

Why you need Mr Whippy?

• Electric van which is much quieter while filming
• Experienced working in tv production
• Vehicles available for customisation

What our customers say?

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Jonathan Cramer, Cramer & Co.

About Mr Whippy

Ice Cream Van Hire Kent, London and South East providing original and unique ice cream vans for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, fetes, carnivals, boot faires, fundraising, carnivals providing you with fully qualified staff and a high quality Mr Whippy catering van.